Hello. Welcome to my site. I'm Eugene. I have been creating art my whole life as a fine artist and a painter. However, I have discovered a hidden passion in design. I love to explore the new possibilities in designs and be creative as well as communicative with the projects. To me, good design requires clear and innovative solutions to everyday design problems so the communication is established to the viewers and I take personal pride in that. I am a nine time Addy award winner from the three years that I applied. I won my first award in 2013, three more awards in 2015, and five more Addy awards in 2016. I have a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of California-Hollywood. However, I went back to college to study web design and have received an Associate of Science in Web Design & Interactive Media from the Art Institute of California-Hollywood on September 2015. Thanks for visiting my site.