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Sanford Worth

Operations Manager at The Mantooth Group / Upstage Productions

Eugene is an extremely motivated individual that I would have no hesitations hiring and recommending for projects of any scope and magnitude. His knowledge of layout, design, and color theory is second to none, and his attention to detail is why I trust him with our largest corporate projects. Eugene makes a valuable asset to any project and any team.

Darcie Nicole

Dept. Coordinator Institutional Assessment & Graduate Studies

Eugene Kuperman is a most imaginative, conceptual, and diversely gifted painter across multiple disciplines. His expressivity of nuanced ideas in all styles commands thoughtfulness of the viewer. His landscapes are breathtaking, and his commentary pieces inspire and provoke important social dialog. His work is complex and intricately textured, yet fully accessible and approachable. His passion leaps from the canvas and his humility reaches all who have the pleasure to know him.

Milka Broukhim

Designer, Snapchat Inc.

I had the pleasure of having Eugene Kuperman as my student for Typography 1,2 & 3 classes at Ai-Ho. Eugene is a dedicated and hardworking artist/designer who pays attention and strived for his best in my very demanding classes. Since his class with me, I have witnessed his further growth and been greatly impressed with his style of painting and his art work. His passion in his art is inspiring and very promising. He is one to keep an eye on.

Jessica Joy Reveles, M.Ed.

Editor | Writer, Health & Wellness | Fashion & Beauty | Lifestyle

Eugene is a gifted painter and talented designer. He is a true technician when it comes to his craft, researching and planning at every stage of the creative process. Eugene is one of few remaining philosophical thinkers in his field. He cares deeply about the message his work conveys, and even personal projects are often social or political commentaries imbued with symbolism. Eugene is a well-rounded artist and dedicated professional.

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References outside of LinkedIn

Arden de Brun

Lead Faculty, Graphic Design The Art Institute of California–Hollywood

I have known Eugene Kuperman in my role as Lead Faculty for Graphic Design at The Art Institute of California-Hollywood for three years; I met Eugene in December 2010. For the three years that I have served as his professor, I simply cannot stress how impressed I have been by his sincerity, diligence, intellectual capacity and character. He has grown into an amazing designer. Eugene Kuperman is a rare individual. Full of interests and always ready to go beyond the unexpected, Kuperman’s capability of doing extraordinary work in interdisciplinary communication is first-rate. His conceptual and technical abilities in graphic design and photography are well developed and his creative nature has always given excellent results in both set and self-initiated projects. Kuperman is an independent thinker but also very contributive to group projects. He also has the important capacity to grow from critique. I believe you would be hard pressed to find a more talented and diligent artist. I can unequivocally recommend him to you. He is poised to do amazing things.

Mitchell Dane Gohman

Instructor, Art Institute Hollywood, CCA

Eugene Kuperman is an exceptional student of design and the arts. I have witnessed his determination and progress throughout the three courses I instruct for Art Institute Hollywood, CA. Eugene's strengths include an ability to take on multiple tasks simultaneously and produce high quality results despite deadline pressure. One of the quality’s I admire most about Eugene is his desire to go beyond required expectations. In our industry it is difficult to reach excellence by merely completing the requirements of a project. Eugene immerses himself in the process of research, exploration, ideation, and development to enrich final solutions. This speaks worlds about his time management skills and his determination to excel in any endeavor. Eugene demonstrates a desire for growth that is fueled by his passion for the Arts. Let me unequivocally state, Eugene Kuperman will make an incredible addition to any venture he pursues.

Sara Ibarra

Human Resources, Dermalactives

I have had the pleasure of working and supervising Mr. Kuperman for the past year. I was impressed with Mr. Kuperman’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when he had started with us a year ago. I think he not only has shown growth in his position with us as a graphic designer. Kuperman is reliable, hardworking, dedicated, and eternally upbeat. He consistently met or surpassed all projects.

Julius Tauberg

CEO, Dermalactives

Please allow me the opportunity to submit a glowing recommendation for Eugene Kuperman. I believe Eugene would make a great addition to your team, I had the opportunity to hire Eugene myself and I had the pleasure to get to know him better throughout our working relationship. I believe Eugene brings a wonderful determination to everything and will be an asset to your company. Eugene skills will be a great match for your organization. I would strongly recommend Eugene, he is a bright and very motivated person, he is dependable, honest and courteous. Eugene design skills are very impressive and he is a very detail oriented person.

Michael Shainsky

CEO, Sunnyside Tours

Eugene Kuperman did contractual work in graphic design for Sunnyside Tours, Inc. Every single time it turned out to be pleasing to the eye and very professional. He seems to have a knack for finding that one and only solution, that works best, which is highly beneficial to our operation and its 500,000 customers. Eugene is an extremely decent person, trustworthy and good natured. He's an award-winning artistic/design talent and a first rate professional. We highly recommend Eugene to all interested parties.

Daniel Barach

Owner & President of Provocative Productions, LLC

Eugene Kuperman worked for me as a “Work For Hire” painter on my Painting, “Golden Calf”, from July 29, 2020 until December 5, 2020. He was honest, fair, reliable, and always treated me respectfully. He never tried to renegotiate our signed contract. He revised my Painting multiple times until it was 100% true to my vision. Although it may sound like an oxymoron, I would best describe both me and Eugene Kuperman as “Fast-paced Perfectionists”. Therefore, I would highly recommend Eugene Kuperman as a “Work For Hire” painter.

Amy Palomo

District MSAP Coordinator

I am writing this letter to recommend Mr. Eugene Kuperman as a designer. Over the past 2 years, I have been a district coordinator at the Palmdale school district and have been contracting Eugene’s services. He has worked for us to help us highlight our magnet academies.

During the 2 years, I have worked with Eugene, he has worked hard to stay connected with us and has been transparent about his work and our requests. He is a visionary artist. He created a bus decal showcasing all of our magnet academies. This was a huge task. The decal we requested was 60 feet long and difficult to design as he had to lay the design we wanted out in the computer programs and then make sure it was printed successfully. We are very happy with his work and his dedication to meeting our needs. Our superintendent, educational and community stakeholders have repeatedly complimented his work. We are so happy we chose Eugene. He is honest as well as reliable. Eugene is a trusted artist in our district and we rely on his knowledge and help.

Mr. Kuperman is very talented, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, hardworking, follows through on tasks, well-liked and well-rounded.